We believe every family needs a Village.

Respite Shelter

24-72 hour crisis placement by community families. This service has no charge because of community support. We know that families can avoid long-term trauma if we can provide services immediately at their point of crisis. We’re here to help.

Call 208-667-1189 and ask for Respite Services.

Residential Treatment

Federally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF), Children’s Village is one of seven Qualified Residential Treatment Programs in all of Idaho, serving youth in the care of the Department of Health and Welfare aged 5 to 12 male and 5 to 17 female.

If you are a DHW staff member, please call 208-667-1189 and ask for the clinical team.

Emergency Shelter

Shelter placement can be short or long term, there is no maximum for time in need of shelter. Children aged 0-12 male and 0-17 female can be placed, free of charge, into our physical guardianship while caregivers get back on their feet.

Call 208-667-1189 and ask for Respite Services.

Family Support

Parent education is a priority for our work. Whether biological, foster, or adoptive, the family unit is engaged from the beginning of placement. This process is aimed at helping the family to succeed after the child leaves the care of Children’s Village.

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