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childrens-village-founders.jpgDr. Anne C. Fox-Clarkson, an elementary school principal in Coeur d'Alene, ID., and two parents from her school, Carol Rankin and Kathy Curran, founded Children's Village in 1983. Dr. Fox-Clarkson made a promise to a brother and sister who had been victims of child abuse that she would build them a home.

Children's Village, Inc. was incorporated in 1984 in the State of Idaho and is designated as a non-profit 501(c)3 charity by the IRS. The facility is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and the daily operations are managed by a dedicated administrative team. The agency has a double check and balance financial system with an outside annual audit by a local CPA firm. To date, the corporation remains debt free owning fifteen acres and two large homes and a shop. The governing board is committed to following "best practices" and adheres to industry standards. They take pride in being prudent stewards of the community's trust and financial support.

The First House

The Moyer Home opened in 1990 to serve children who are abused, neglected, homeless, or in severe family crisis. Children ages birth through 18 may live in this licensed group foster home - permanently if needed. Brothers and sisters are kept together and residents are transported back to their schools of origin throughout the Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and Lakeland School Districts. Over 2,000 children have been sheltered since the doors opened.

In 1995 a group of faithful supporters of Children's Village formed the Children's Village Foundation, Inc. This incorporated foundation is designated as an Idaho State 501(c)3 charity by the IRS. The mission of this body is to ensure the future and financial stability of Children's Village and to support the programs serving children. 
Children's Village Foundation holds the endowment funds, securities, restricted funds, tangible gifts and gifts secured through capital campaigns and special projects. The Foundation sponsors annual charity auctions, including spring and winter events and special fundraising projects. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, the corporation has an outside annual audit by a local CPA firm.

A Second House

The Miller Home opened in 1996 and operated as a residential treatment facility and school until December 2011.  

Responding to the continuing need in the community, the Miller Home re-opened in March 2015 as a continuation of the services provided at the Moyer Home. With the capacity for growth in the Miller Home, Children's Village is able to grow from 12 children a night to 24 children a night and increase program  support to over 150 children a year.

The Counseling and Education Center (CEC)

IMG_2460.jpgIn 2015, the Children’s Village Board, executives and staff created a 5-year strategic plan to develop a therapeutic program to address the emotional and psychological effects of trauma and to impact the cycle of abuse and neglect at its core, the family system. Since then, we have increased our training on trauma informed care and in November 2016, we introduced Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) as our guiding philosophy to address the needs of children we serve. TBRI is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention designed for caregivers which provides them with an understanding of childhood trauma and appropriate behavior interventions that can counter the negative effects of trauma. It supports caregivers in developing loving, trusting and secure relationships with children who have experienced trauma and helps the children "feel safe" in those relationships. It is not limited to a one-hour session, but rather it becomes a culture, an environment, in which all children learn the skills to connect and to become empowered in their relationships.

As a result of the work that has been done at Children’s Village since the implementation of our current 5-Year Strategic Plan and with the very generous support of our community through a fundraising campaign, we opened our Counseling and Education Center (CEC).

With this new facility, we are able to provide our community with an Enhanced Therapeutic Services Program. Holistic in nature, our program incorporates a continuum of care approach that is designed to impact the family system to create real, lasting change at the core level. It is collaborative in nature to empower the family, while also holding them accountable to meet program requirements and minimum standards. 

Services Include:

•       Individual, Family and Group Therapy

•       Parent Education

•       TBRI-Based Mentoring

•       Crisis Response

•       Hands-On Life Skills Training for the Family

As the child prepares to transition out of care, Life-Skills Training for the Family can be provided in the home and can be extended for up to six months following discharge from residential care (for Medicaid qualified families). This greatly enhances the family’s chances of success.

Projected Outcomes:

•       Children develop a deeper understanding of, and healing from, their pasts.

•       Increased parental knowledge and skills, creating more stable home environments.

•       Decreased period of separation between the child and their family.

•       Increased probability that the child will be able to remain in the home.

•       Continuity of care between that received at Children's Village and that provided in the family home.

•       Increased parental participation through mandatory parental plans and increased access to other community resources.