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Happy Holidays! 

With many little ones under our roof this Holiday Season, we are lucky to have community donors in our area willing to give our kiddos the perfect Christmas morning. Here are the different ways to help the kiddos at Children's Village during this giving season. 

Sponsor an Item Drive

Interested in helping our kiddos, not only for this Holiday Season but throughout the next year, host an Item Drive! These Item Drives help supplement what we can't always provide for our children. Download the Holiday Packet to get a full list of our needs. 

  • Check out Sign Up Genuis for our Gift Card Drive and sign up to buy different cards for field trip adventures, food and shopping trips. 
  • Sign up for our Program Needs Drive to directly help keep our houses running and kiddos needs met. 

Sponsor a Child

Thank you to everyone who signed up to sponsor a child! Due to the generosity of our community members, all of our kiddos have been sponsored. If you're still interested in helping make our houses and program even better for our children, please consider taking a look at different Item Drives. 

Sponsor a Family

After children leave us to go back with their families, we like to help them out as much as they can. If this is something that interests you, please email us at eaizawa@thechildrensvillage.org to learn more.